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Rota Water and fire rota

Checks Water and fire at Bluewoods (1)


Here are a few notes about what needs to be done at the hall each week.



Each toilet needs to be flushed 3 times

Each shower needs to be run for about 4 minutes

Each tap (cold) needs to be run for about 4 minutes

The camp tap needs to be run for ¾ buckets


Because the water pressure is not great in the hall you cannot run all the taps and flush all the toilets at the same time. Below is what Caroline has found to work.


Run the two main showers for 4 minutes

Flush all toilets – the disabled one is a bit slow to refill.

When you have turned the showers off run the toilet taps and disabled toilet for 4 minutes.

Flush the toilets again.

The shower in the disabled toilet is a bit temperamental, it seems to need more pressure, you may like to try this next of leave it until the end. The power switch for this shower is high on the wall in the hallway by the door into the room, remember to switch it off  afterwards.

Run the 2 taps in the kitchen

Flush the toilets for the last time.


Go into the plant room to pick up the key to the water cabinet in the campsite, turn the water to the campsite on (tap in upright position)

Take a bucket to the campsite, unlock the cabinet – it is the one on the right.

Run the water, lock cabinet, lock campsite, take key back to the plant room and turn off the water.


Fire alarms.

The alarm is naturally very loud, if there is anyone outside you might like to warn them.

There are 2 sets of keys numbers 1 and 2 in the key box, some keys work some don’t –  pot luck!

Turn the control key to the right to put the alarms in test mode.

Go to one of the alarms and set it off.

Back to the control box and silence the alarm.

Back to the alarm that you have set off and reset.  Use the white plastic key to twist the alarm panel back into position.

Back to the control box, press reset on the fire alarm panel and then turn the key to the left to reset the alarm system and remove the key.

There are alarms by the control box, in the main hall, in the small hall and one other in the campstore.

Perhaps we can all take one to set off so that each is done in turn.

Caroline the one other – as I can’t remember where it is!

Pauline the small hall

Clare the main hall

Thelma the one by the control box.


Caroline may ask you to read the electricity meter, although it is a smart meter we are sometime asked to submit readings.  The meter is in the plant room, it flashes up lots of numbers, the one that you want is at present 50****


That’s about it, I hope it is clear and not clear as mud!